Schola Catharina


Schola Catharina

Schola Catharina is a Gregorian chant female voice choir. It was founded in 1992 to initiate a Gregorian chant mass in the Cathedral in Utrecht N.L. on a monthly basis, alternating with a male voice choir (also founded in 1992, the later Schola Martini).

Soon after its foundation  the choir was invited to sing for other occasions: concerts, weddings, requiemmass. And it made radio en TV-recordings.


Schola Catharinas interpretation of Gregorian chant is based on present-day semiological insight.That is to say: the interpretation  follows the most ancient manuscripts (10th century) in the same way as Benedictine monks of Vaals (Netherlands) do.  The length of the notes and the tension of the musical phrase are central factors.

Soloists sing te original soloparts (Graduale-verse, Alleluia-verse).



The Schola is named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria, patroness of the Cathedral of Utrecht.



Fresco van Catharina (rond 1500) in de San Stefanokerk in Miglieglia in het kanton Ticino in Zwitserland.

St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Fresco in the San Stefanochurch in Miglieglia, Ticino, Switserland (painted between 1500-1511).